Agents- Referrals

Why refer?

The biggest stumbling block for investors when it comes to rental real estate is that they don’t want to be landlords. They may be concerned about violating landlord tenant law, don’t know what to do with the property once they build or purchase it. Don’t know how to screen and qualify tenant, don’t understand the way to reach a number of potential tenant available for the properties.
By partnering with Metropolis Property Management you alleviate those problems.
Agents, we pay referrals!

Owner (client) Referral

When you refer an owner to us and we lease the property we will pay you 10% of one month’s rent.

Tenant Referral

When you refer a tenant to us and lease them a property we will pay you a minimum of 10% of month’s rent.


We are investors ourselves and understand the challenges that come along with owning rental real estate. When interviewing management companies make sure you ask them how many rental homes they personally own. If they don’t own any, how can they fully serve your needs and help you make good decisions on tenant selection and management.

For specific details about our property management agreement and how to get started with us, please contact us.