What can we do for you?

Property management is a service that deals with overseeing physical maintenance, negotiating lettings at suitable terms, initiating and negotiating rent reviews and lease renewals and the enforcement of lease covenants wherever applicable


Property Management Services

Does your property bring you profits or problems?

Utilizing our service brings you the following benefits:

  • Exposure to property management professionals.
  • Detailed records and accounting reports.
  • Professional screening of tenants.
  • Professional relationship with tenants.
  • Reduction in tenant turnover and increased occupancy rates through strict screening and constant supervision.
  • Efficient rent collections.
  • Comprehensive expertise and knowledge of local laws and market conditions.


Full Service Management.

Our full Service Property Management includes all Leasing Services, but is not limited to the following:

  • Collecting monthly rents.
  • Paying owner’s monthly mortgage payment.
  • Paying owner’s property taxes, insurance or other payments as instructed.
  • Handling requests for repairs and maintenance.
  • Arranging and making payment for required repairs or maintenance works.
  • Paying to owners or depositing to owner’s accounts amounts received in excess of disbursements on an agreed date.
  • Providing owner with fully itemized and computerised monthly reports and year- accounting statements.
  • Periodic inspections of the property during lease in order to ensure proper maintenance.
  • Advice what needs to be done to put your property in rent ready condition.
  • Administer lease and lease renewals, rent increases, notices to vacate and evictions, notice of lease violation and late payment notices.
  • Conduct a move in inspection with tenants to thoroughly document the condition of the property in writing.
  • Do move out inspections and closing statement, upon tenants vacating the property.
  • Policy of “Zero Tolerance” on rent arrears.